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Why Thomson Reuters Projects?

  • #1 in Trusted Content

    Thomson Reuters is the world’s most trusted source of news, data and insight. For projects, we have taken a revolutionary approach to procuring content – maximizing coverage and depth while ensuring the highest levels of factual integrity.

  • Answers to the Questions that Matter

    We’ve listened to you and tailored our solution to fit your exact needs. Now, you can focus on what matters most, whether that involves finding new opportunities, accessing the alerts and news you need to stay informed, analyzing the market, controlling costs, mitigating risks or planning your next move.

  • The Power of the Brand

    Leverage the full extent of Thomson Reuters’ expertise, capabilities and technology by tapping into bespoke indices, analytics, risk management solutions, regulatory insight, project financing, interactive supply chain mapping, exclusive satellite imagery and thought leadership forums that are tackling the issues transforming the market.

  • Your Partner for Intelligence

    With our network of journalists, team of researchers, industry partnerships and the best client support in the business, we are ideally positioned to keep your finger on the pulse – enabling you to act on opportunities ahead of the competition.

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What can you do?


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Get the exposure you need to build your network, find opportunities, grow your business and stay in the spotlight.

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Thomson Reuters has been helping businesses, governments and professionals fuel progress in MENA for over 150 years. Tell us about your company and the projects you’re working on.

Thomson Reuters Projects empowers you with the project intelligence you need to stay ahead of the competition. Access the data, market insights, news, research and analysis you require to gain full visibility of the project pipeline and supply chain, prepare for tenders and bids, reduce risks, control costs, identify opportunities and make more strategic decisions.